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Nick Douglas, “It’s Supposed to Look Like Shit: The Internet Ugly Aesthetic”





Talk at ICA, London

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We’ll be in conversation with the amazing Jesse Darling and Ben Vickers at ICA, London, July 19, 6:30pm

Join us if you’re in London!





Artforum on our show in London

exhib carrollfletcher befnoed view right with person

Our current show at Carroll/Fletcher critic-picked by Artforum!

…and she exposed ceiling cat





Kennette Benedict, executive director of

quote, Kim Zetter, Countdown to Zero Day, kennette

“Countdown to Zero Day: Stuxnet and the Launch of the World’s First Digital Weapon”, by Kim Zetter





The New York Times on our current show


The New York Times on our latest projects and current show in London at Carroll / Fletcher!

(Thanks Sandino Scheiddeger for the timely photo)





Video of opening

Here’s a video of last night, it’s the opening of our show “Abuse Standards Violations” at Carroll/Fletcher, London. Small surprise at the end of video… Thanks Callum Leo Hughes for the shot!





Interview with Modern Painters

portrait mattes modern painters 2016

We talked to Thea Ballard at Modern Painters about internet content moderation and the dark web, in advance of our exhibition at Carroll/Fletcher opening this week!





“United We Stand” in France

united installation annemasse france 01

united installation annemasse france 03

united installation annemasse france 02

In the last couple of months our endless campaign to promote “United We Stand”, a movie that never existed about Europe, hit Annemasse, a small city in south-eastern France. With the upcoming Brexit referendum in the UK we thought it was a good timing…

It’s our contribution to Les Incessants, curated by Céline Poulin.





Talk at Goldsmiths tonight!

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Tonight we’re giving a talk at Goldsmiths, London, with Matthew Fuller, we’ll be discussing what we’ve been up to since we first met Matthew, in 2000, so we won’t run out of topics. Come join us, it’s free and open to the public: June 2, 6PM, room RHB 137a. Thanks Zach Blas for organizing this!





Conversation at the Photographer’s Gallery, London

Eva and Franco Mattes

Our days in London are getting exciting… we’ll be in conversation with the amazing Zach Blas at The Photographer’s Gallery, June 3, 6:30-8 pm!

It’s free, but booking essential

“Throughout the discussion, they will explore how what is concealed is often what matters most.”